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We offer a wide variety of courses to learn Spanish, the interactive learning and resources we use it, make the difference with the rest of language academies.

About Us

Our goal is to help all ages learn Spanish confidently in a comfortable and secure environment.

We understand that not everyone learns in the same way and so attend to your unique abilities with a personal and professional outlook, giving everyone the oportunity to say "SI SE PUEDE/ YES I can learn a second language".

No matter what level you are, from begginer to wanting to improve further, everyone is welcome to join.

Our Focus

We cover all aspects of the Spanish Language








Born in Spain/Barcelona, Gloria is a qualified teacher with a degree in education and specialising in Pedagogy Therapeutic Education.

Gloria was originally a teacher in Pamplona/Spain before travelling to England to continue her teaching experience.

Gloria likes to teach in a creative style, combining learing with fun.

Our Classes

Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve what you have already learnt, we have a class for you, in person or online.

Kids Classes Ages 4–6 || 7–9

Starting a second language from a young age is the best and fastest way to acquire knowledge. Any level between 4 and 9 years of age is welcome in this group.

In this class they will learn playing and interaction with the other children in the class. This method offer to the youngest feel comfortable and start to use Spanish language through the games.

The groups will be split between 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 always depened on their levels they way we will planning the syllabus for them relation to their ability.

Teen Classes Ages 10–12 || 13–16

Also, for teenagers, them probably have had contact with Spanish before but if they don't it is not a barrier to start.

They will learn Spanish to use in social context and helping them being more independent in an academic sense as well as social (games, traveling, studying in aboard etc).This is the groups and age we offer to start to learn.

Adult Classes Ages 17+

Come to enjoy and learn Spanish with small group of adults. In this group there is no shame so come full of energy to learn in an interactive and comfortable way. Focused on listening and speaking, but if you want to improve your reading and writing skills, perfect! Never is late to learn.

GCSE Preparation

Not just for passing the exam if not for having a great mark!

Focus on exam with resources to be successful in GCSE learning gramma, speaking and listening with the same program they follow into High School. With exercises and real exam as they will find during the GCSE exam time.

Online Classes

For everybody and all kinds of levels, with the best support to practise at home before every lesson. If you are too busy but still you want to learn Spanish our online lesson are perfect for you.

We focus the lesson deepens on your needs and preferences, also available for children.

Private Lessons

If your way to lean it is more private and you prefer being one to one to take the best of yourself in your second language, then this is perfect for you. Our private lessons attend too all kind of levels and preferences.


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